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About commercial grade office chairs

 commercial grade office chairs

Commercial Grade Office Chairs

Office chairs come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and features.  However, not all chairs are created equal.  If you're like most buyers, you search endlessly for the right chair and are often left with a less than stellar place to sit for hours every day.  In our search for the perfect chair, we need to start with an understanding of consumer grade versus commercial grade seating.

Big Box and Amazon

Many buyers look for the lowest priced furniture, often resulting in sub-par furniture from a Big Box retailer or on Amazon, where volume is more important than quality.   Yes, we may be able to find a diamond in the rough after a lengthy search, but it is often diminished by the lackluster service or short warranty provided by the retailer or manufacturer.

Quality and Warranties

Although most chairs are made overseas, the manufacturing and materials used can differ greatly.  Most consumer grade office chairs offer a short warranty period, whereas commercial grade office chairs normally carry a 5-year warranty period.  Manufacturers and suppliers can offer this warranty period because the quality of materials used can sustain daily use over that period of time.

Paying consumer prices for commercial grade chairs

Thanks to the advances in supply chain management, Minnesota Discount Office (MDO) is able to offer reduced prices on commercial grade office chairs.  Most new chairs on this website also carry a 5-year warranty and include free delivery in the Minneapolis - St Paul metro area.

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