Choosing an L shaped desk


Choosing an L shaped desk


Choosing an L shaped desk that enhances your work environment

Choosing the right desk directly affects your success at work.  Below we outline  several key points to consider when choosing an L desk for your office.


1. Home vs. Work Office

Most home offices do not have visiting customers or major staff meetings.  You can get away with a bit more flair, unique accents and cheaper materials at home.  However, in a work environment in which you are conducting meetings or expect customers to visit, you will want an L desk that projects the image of your company.  That leads us to our next point. 


2. The Psychology of Colors

Color psychology of office furniture

Understanding color and the emotions they invoke is a large part of creating the atmosphere and appeal of your office.  Colors can affect productivity by the sway it has on energy and attitude as shown by a Cardiff University report.  A black and brushed metal look may convey success and wealth, but it may not make for a great creative environment.  Warm colors such as woods may encourage a friendlier environment for customers or creatives. 







3. Ergonomics

Most desks sold in the United States follow common measurements, providing approximately 30 inches desk to floor space.  Where you will want to get specific on ergonomics is the accessibility of the tools on your desk.  If you use a printer often, you will likely want an L desk that provides the proper depth to accommodate it.  Likewise, if you use multiple screens, you will want to ensure the length of the main section will be sufficient.  Multi-monitor desk mounts tend to bear a lot of weight when the monitors are attached, therefore a premium desk with multi-year warranty is recommended.  Desks on our site are manufactured for commercial use, including multi-monitor configurations.


4. Stand-up L Desk 

Stand-up desks are a phenomenon that has taken over many modern offices, along with office exercise balls and dog mascots.  Stand-up desks have been around awhile, having proven themselves beneficial to our health and productivity as researched by many medical organizations and reported by Time.  As a result, the industry has responded by making them in numerous L-shaped configurations that appeal to many workplace needs.  Thanks to the volume of production, they have become an affordable option to help improve productivity and justify that second mocha.

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