Choosing the right furniture for your coworking space
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Choosing the right furniture for your coworking space


Choosing the right furniture for your coworking space

Choosing the right furniture for your coworking space

Shared workspaces are growing in popularity, with many popping up in the Minneapolis-St Paul metro area.  The list of benefits is long, but there is one gaping hole which we wish to address.

Why are coworking spaces popular?

With the recent billion-dollar exit of the Wework founder and an $80 million D round for Industrious, we are forced to take notice of the modern demand for shared workspaces.  The movement is building momentum as startups and entrepreneurs are looking for better ways to rise above the noise of online networking in order to create more effective connections with potential partners and leads.  Larger businesses also benefit by housing individual or small teams in coworking locations to expand their geographic footprint and improve their local SEO.  Those benefits are positive byproducts of the the shared workspace industry. However, there is a major element that has not been properly addressed in this space: Privacy.  Can companies have both community and privacy in coworking workspaces?


Privacy in coworking spaces

In summary, there is little to none.  This is simply due to the fact that the coworking space industry is designed around one principal.  Collaboration.   That is the draw and the friction with housing a business in a coworking space. They are developed to be completely open, with windows and natural light everywhere.  This is a fantastic feature until you open up Quickbooks or a confidential client email.  Is it possible they missed the mark, assuming business owners no longer look at their chart of accounts or read client emails?  Not likely, which is why leaders in the industry now allow tenants to bring their own furniture. 


Furniture that enhances privacy in shared workspaces

Obtaining balance between collaboration and privacy is made possible with the right type of furniture.  The leaders in the coworking space, Wework and Industrious, both allow tenants to bring in furniture of their choice.  They can remove existing furniture at your request and store it or transfer it to another office.

The most common types of furniture that businesses will bring into a shared workspace include:

  1. Chairs
  2. Modular tables with privacy panels
  3. Lounge seating


It should go without saying, a quality ergonomic chair is a must for any type of office.

Modular tables with privacy panels may give you just enough privacy to conduct your sensitive tasks, yet still remain visible to the community.

Lounge furniture gives you, your employees and your guests a comfortable place to sip coffee and brainstorm the next breakout idea.

If you are in the Minneapolis-St Paul metro area, you have the additional benefit of touring a private showroom.  We offer personal tours, free planning support, free local delivery and low cost installation to provide a complete office furniture solution.  Contact us today to schedule your visit or planning appointment.

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