Creating a safer breakroom
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Creating a Safer Breakroom

  Creating a safer breakroom

As a wave of people returned to tourist destinations, so have employees returned to workplaces. In Minnesota, our tourist destinations naturally lend themselves to great social distancing.  However, the crowded workplace is no Boundary Waters or secluded cabin.  The same can be said of the often-used, but not-so-often cleaned, breakroom in many Minnesota businesses.  The popular breakroom has long been a space that fosters social interaction, but also a space susceptible to fostering the spread of germs and viruses. 

Get rid of the breakroom or improve it? 

For decades the breakroom has been an essential element in developing a healthy work-life balance, becoming the "heart and soul" of the office.  Simply taking away that space would likely result in greatly diminishing overall job satisfaction.  The sensible solution would be to create a safer environment in which the employees feel safer and are safer.  


"...the breakroom is the heart and soul of the office — the central spot for employees to eat their lunches, relax and socialize."

- Benefits Pro


Making the breakroom safer

Creating a safer breakroom will require an investment, but it is far better than risking the health of your workforce.  A COVID outbreak could potentially upend most small to mid-size companies.  Fortunately, Minnesotans are allowed to eat without a face mask according to executive order 20-81.

There are a number of solutions that can be quickly implemented to improve safety and increase gratitude from your employees.


  1. Signage.  Clearly present policy and expectations at the entrance of your breakroom.
  2. Cleanliness.  Provide hand sanitizing stations at every entry/exit point of the breakroom.  Include tabletop hand sanitizer for each table and disinfectant wipes at every counter, sink or other common-use feature.
  3. Furniture.  Add mobile or stationary partitions that are clear and allow staff to visibly communicate while remaining safe.
  4. Traffic.  Put measures in place to control the flow of traffic in and out of the breakroom by using digital tools that integrate with your existing ERP, including the ability to notify staff when their lunch time starts and ends in order to not create crowding issues.

           Create a safer workplace to protect from virus transmission

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