Creating a safer workplace in a pandemic
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Creating a safer workplace in a pandemic

  Creating a safer workplace in a pandemic

Some businesses are starting to recall workers, and throughout the next several months many will return to the workplace. There is no doubt the office workspace will look quite different than the place they left in March.

The pandemic is changing life as we know it, both in the home and in the workplace. Companies are preparing for their workforce to return by implementing modifications and safety protocols to reduce the likelihood of losing the bulk of their workforce to a reprisal of COVID-19.

Social distancing in the workplace will be a reality

In addition to face masks and desk-mounted hand sanitizer, expect another major change to the post-pandemic workplace: privacy. Based on CDC recommendations, it is clear that workplaces will be far more segmented in order to create social distancing. The expected method of choice will be by use of furniture designed to create barriers, while minimally reducing productivity and collaboration.

Limited options for business owners

While large corporations have the connections (and the money!) to quickly make the transition, small- and mid-size companies will face another obstacle. Supplies of plexi-glass in the United States are quickly drying up, with many manufacturers not even taking orders until mid-July. Imports have largely halted, forcing businesses to become more creative while striving for safety compliance.

Reconfiguration of work spaces, increasing heights of current cubicles and desks, adding panels, and having employees work from home are some of the possibilities. Sometimes a combination of some or all of these is the best solution.

 Create a safer workplace to protect from virus transmission

You're not alone

While being in the midst of all of this can be overwhelming, remember that you're not in this alone. As an owner or manager, the very existence of your business was built on careful planning and execution. The pandemic is something that none of us were prepared for, and there's no written manual to follow for success. 

Collaborate with other business owners, and use your resources to continue to focus on your core competencies. Lean on others to provide the services you need to get you back up and running smoothly. 

We are here to help

If you need help planning or implementing your vision of your new workplace, contact us today. We have the solutions to meet your needs and your budget. As always, initial planning and price quotes are free and without obligation.

Let our experts take the worry of space planning off of your to-do list so you can concentrate on managing your business. 

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