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Stipends for remote employee office furniture now trending


Stipends for remote employee office furniture


As predicted, a large portion of the workforce that was relegated to working remotely is expected to continue to do so after COVID diminishes.  According to a report by SHRM, "68 percent of organizations plan to adopt broader or more flexible work from home policies for all workers".  

Companies are scrambling to ensure work-life balance 

With additional challenges for work from home (WFH) employees, many companies have resorted to providing stipends to help with their immediate and long-term needs.  A poll of 600 WFH employees conducted by Procurify revealed what upgrades were most wished for by employees to improve work from home scenarios. Furniture topped the list with sit-stand desks at 18%, followed by ergonomic chairs at 15.67%.  

To address the needs of the remote employee, many companies have provided stipends to WFH employees to purchase office furniture in order to improve their workspace.  These are normally one-time costs, unlike cellphone, internet, rent or other recurring costs.  

Benefits of offering a stipend for home office furniture

  • One-time expense.  A furniture stipend is most commonly used as a one-time expense.  This allows for simple, fixed budgeting for the company and employee.
  • Employees can choose furniture that suits them.  Many WFH employees are going to choose furniture that fits their lifestyle.    Employees are also more likely to acquire an ergonomic chair and adjustable height desk, allowing for better posture and health.
  • Improves employee-employer relationships.  Whether one-time or recurring, stipends can increase loyalty and overall employer-employee relationship.  It can also help with aligning the remote workforce with company values.
  • Acquiring and retaining talent:  Attract new talent to your workforce with furniture stipends that allow them to envision a fresh start or improved future with your company.   Promote stipends in your job postings to make the most of your hiring efforts.  Create periodic stipends for WFH employees, based on performance scoring, tenure or other measurable factors that are proven benefits to the company and employee.


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