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Why Adjustable-Height Desks Are Trending Now

  Adjustable height tables for work or home office

The coronavirus is forcing millions of Americans to work from home. While some see this a welcome way to avoid stressful commutes and added expenses, as well as saving time, there is an obvious trade-off surfacing: inefficient, uncomfortable work spaces.

Arguably, the most important purchase you can make for your new home office is a supportive, comfortable, ergonomic task chair. A dining chair, folding chair or recliner will never match the advantages of an adjustable task chair.

But another product is emerging as the new "must-have" for your office: the height-adjustable work station. Workers are discovering the benefits of the option to sit or stand at work, and many praise the alternative.

"I love my new workstation", says Pam Krank, President of TCD, Inc. "Having the option of adjusting the height of my desk has created less strain on my shoulders, arms and back. I added a walking treadmill under my desk, and because I'm now walking 8-10 miles a day instead of sitting for several hours, my lower back pain has disappeared."

It all begins with posture

Many people tend to slouch when sitting at a desk, says Dr. Kaliq Chang, a pain management physician based in New Jersey. Slouching while sitting puts stress on the lower back, he says. 

Using an adjustable desk encourages people to spend less time sitting and more time standing. What's more, a 2017 study found that call centers with sit-stand desks were almost 50% more productive than their colleagues who sat in the office. According to US News and World Report, standing desks can help keep your hips flexible, improve your circulation, and relieve stiffness and pain in your back and shoulders. 

Value vs. Benefit

Expect to pay anywhere from $200-$3000 or more for a height adjustable desk. When shopping, be sure to look for a desk made for commercial use. The top should be made from wood or high-pressure laminate. The frame, or the "guts" of the desk, should be made of metal, never plastic. Consider a pneumatic adjustable desk, which gives you a smooth, easy lift without cords. A portable riser works well as an addition to your existing desk. Lastly, beware of buying from a dealer or site that doesn't offer assembly, especially if your goal is to get up and operating quickly.

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