GreenGuard commercial furniture

Good for us.  Good for the environment.

About GreenGuard commercial furniture

GreenGuard is a certification program established by United Laboratories to certify products worldwide that meet their rigorous requirements for reduced chemical emissions.  Read more at UL 

Minnesota Discount Office Furniture (MDO) provides a large collection of GreenGuard compliant furniture. 
Our ongoing commitment is to provide our customers with safe and affordable commercial furniture for every type of workspace.

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Greenguard commercial furniture

ANSI compliant furniture

ANSI is an American trade association that sets safety standards for goods manufactured in the United States.  BIFMA is an American organization that establishes and regulates standards for furniture manufactured in the United States.  BIFMA works closely with ANSI to ensure products are safe for you and our environment. 
Read more at ANSI | Read more at BIFMA

ANSI - BIFMA compliant ofice furniture

Who uses GreenGuard furniture

Offices and Commercial

Found in every industry, including offices, manufacturing and industrial.

Schools and Educational

GreenGuard certified furniture is popular with all types of educational establishments.

Homes and Home Offices

GreenGuard friendly materials are now common in many home furnishings.