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Improve Sustainability with a Furniture Liquidation Program


Sustainability is Important to Minnesota Companies  

As of this writing, September 28, 2021, Minnesota ranked 3rd in the United States for interest in "Corporate Sustainability" according to Google Trends. As seen in the chart below, this is a trend that has been climbing over the last 12 months, and forecasters predict a continued rise in the importance of corporate sustainability to both executives and investors

"Sustainable finance continues to gain traction as pressure rapidly mounts from regulators, investors and customers to prioritize environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria throughout the financial landscape" - KPMG


Corporate sustainability trending up in 2021


The Impact of Used Office Furniture on Both Economic Growth and Environmental Protection

According to the EPA, over 21,334,000 pounds of furniture entered landfills in 2018.  Only 88,000 pounds of furniture ended up recycled or re-sold, leaving us with a clear vision of the growing problem.  With the pandemic sending more workers home, it is reasonable to assume this figure has gone up substantially. This evidence points out the clear need for organizations to evaluate and improve their office furniture lifecycle. 

An abundance of ESG issues and solutions have been voiced by numerous industry leaders, such as advisory firm KPMG and furniture manufacturer Herman Miller.  In many metro areas, donation programs have been established to address the need for office furniture disposal. However, many of these are limited on what they are willing and able to take, and the influx of used furniture on the market is more than many non-profits can handle.  This is where office furniture liquidation has its place, as a solution that can sometimes recover costs and keep furniture out of landfills.


Benefits of Liquidating or Selling Used Office Furniture

At Minnesota Discount Office, we provide holistic and sustainable solutions for office furniture. This allows our customers access to a single source for all their furniture needs, including liquidation and recycling of old furniture.

The benefits of a complete solution:

  • Time.  Most companies cannot afford to have staff working full-time disposing of furniture.  The simpler, more efficient approach, is to simply have a liquidator purchase or remove items in bulk for reselling or recycling.  
  • Recover funds.  Selling in bulk to a liquidator will help your company recover funds that can be used for business capital.  Many companies use liquidation funds and related program discounts to acquire new furniture at a reduced cost.  For example, MDO provides companies a 5% discount on new when liquidating existing furniture.
  • Improves ESG performance.  Investors, executives, managers, employees and customers are seeking leaders in today's ESG-conscious world.  Having a policy in place for your furniture is a simple way to shine.
  • Attract and keep better talent. Finding good workers is harder today than it has been in recent years. Replacing old furniture in the workspace or at an employee's home office is a great lure. Liquidation programs often provide discounts on new furniture that can reap benefits in savings and morale.

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